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Celebration Apparition Chaplet Rosary Beads Marking all the Apparition Dates.
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Special celebration Lourdes apparition chaplet rosary beads marking all the 18 apparition dates.
The 1st appearance (11 February)

The 2nd appearance (14 February)

The second apparition that took place in Lourdes is one of the most difficult to reconstruct, because the events that took place were in fact not easy to place in their exact order.
The 3rd appearance (18 February)
For the first time on the 18th of February the lady said to Bernadette.  "that she could not promise to make her happy in this world, but in the next."
The 4th appearance (19 February)
The 5th appearance (20 February)
On the 5th apparition thirty people were present, the news of Bernadette and the apparition was traveling around the village and other towns and people came out of curiosity.
The 6th appearance (21 February)
This was the first Sunday in Lent with the apparition taking place in the early hours of the morning.
The 7th appearance (23 February)
Even though Bernadette was banned from the grotto, she punctually returns and keeps her promise and her appointment with the lady.
The 8th appearance (24 February)
The lady speaks with Bernadette entrusting her with a message, asking prayers for penitence. The lady said Pray to God for sinners. Kiss the earth as a sign of penitence for sinners!" The lady also told Bernadette to eat the grass growing below the grotto. From that moment every time Bernadette visited grotto she repeated the same act.
The 9th appearance (25 February)
The Lady told Bernadette that she should go and drink at the grotto and wash her self their. Seeing no water Bernadette was confused and therefore went to drink at the Gave. The lady called her back and  pointed at a spot just below the grotto to the left. Bernadette started digging with her hands and eating the herbs, she then uncovered a puddle of muddy water. Bernadette obeyed the Lady and carried on scratching the ground until she was able to drink some of the water, after the fourth time of disregarding the muddy water.
The 10th appearance (27 February)
About 800 people were present and Bernadette repeats the acts of penitence and takes up her usual position.
The 11th appearance (28 February)
Over 1,500 people were present.
Bernadette was banned once again  from the grotto and she relayed " i will never give up.
The 12th appearance (1 March)
Catherine Latapie claimed that she immersed her baby in the spring water at the grotto. Catherine Latapie baby had a paralyzed arm, miraculously he regained full movement. This was one of the first of the recognized cure to take place in Lourdes.
The 13th appearance (2 March)
Our Lady Spoke to Bernadette and said"Go, tell the priests to come here in procession and tell them to build a chapel here.
The 14th appearance (3 March)
Bernadette asked the lady for her name, the lady smiled.
The 15th appearance (4 March)
Eight thousand people turned up for the 15th apparition.
The 16th appearance (25 March)
When Bernadette found out the Lady's name, the lady said 'I am the Immaculate Conception.' She was asked by an onlooker "are you I absolutely certain". Bernadette replied "yes".
The 17th appearance (7 April)
The apparition took place between Bernadette and the Virgin Mary about 5 0'clock in the morning with no conversation at all.
The 18th appearance (16 July)
The last apparition was never mentioned by Bernadette when making her depositions.
Between the 11th February and the 16th July 1858, the Virgin Mary appeared to her 18

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