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 Lourdes Message, Praise, Gratitude, Trust, Joy, Suffering, Serenity and Illness like the Lourdes Prayer  
Lourdes message

The Virgin Mary spoke very little to Bernadette during the apparitions, but her words conveyed innumerable teachings. The immaculate Conception prayed with Bernadette and taught her to pray. The Immaculate Conception spoke six times to Bernadette leaving the spiritual message of Lourdes to the church and the pilgrims, Bernadette was simply a witness and a faithful messenger, so for this reason no one needs to understand the profound meaning of this message, so that Lourdes can be perceived in all greatness.


The apparitions began with a prayer and continued with a prayer. Prayers should not consists of selfish personal desires. At Lourdes one experience, God the father of love, gives and forgives, weather worthy or not. Prayers should be about praise, gratitude, trust and joy suffering, serenity, solitude health and illness just like the Lourdes Prayer.

God bestows strength and hope.


During the 3rd apparition the Immaculate Conception said "I can not promise you happiness in this world only in the next" and the famous words of the gospel "he who wishes to be my disciple, let him take up the cross and follow me".

The Immaculate Conception tells Bernadette that true happiness cannot be found externally, but only within intimate spirit. Honesty, accepting responsibility, goodness and generosity lead to happiness.

Saint Bernadette said "I am happier on my bed of pain than a queen on her throne. To obey is to love, suffering in silence for Christ is joy, to love sincerely is to give everything, above all suffering".

Penitence, Conversion, Purification

Penitence, was addressed when the Virgin Mary spoke to Bernadette, this was not a new word used, as Jesus, used this word during his preaching "if you do not repent you will die in the same way". The Virgin Mary reminds us of this, during the apparition.

When visiting the domain you are encouraged to make changes to your interior life. The Virgin Mary adds "Pray to God for sinners" this is a wonderful message to remember when you make pilgrim to Lourdes or in everyday life.

Pope Benedict XVI message in Lourdes

Pope Benedict XVI in Lourdes, he started his pilgrimage on the 12th of September and celebrates the Lourdes Jubilee along with over 200,000 pilgrims over a 3 day period. Pope  Benedict XVI remembered and prayed for countless numbers of people were are victims of poverty and terrorism, he announced and granted the Plenary Indulgence to the pilgrims who visited Lourdes or those who are Venerated.

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